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An international operation

Meet the team

Meet the team

Our collaborations with other prestigious makers makes us stand out

In recent years JP Musical Instruments has formed special collaborations with four prestigious makers; Dr Richard Smith of Smith-Watkins, Michael Rath of Rath Trombones, Paul Riggett of Sterling Musical Instruments and Andy Taylor of Taylor Trumpets to develop a special range of JP instruments.

All our collaborators are synonymous with professional levels of design and performance; widely respected by many within the brass musical instrument community. Many artists at the top of their profession have chosen these top manufacturers; Carol Jarvis, Michael Dease, Brett Baker and Robb Tooley…. amongst many others.

A perfect combination

Working together and sharing skills and experiences, the JP collaborations represent the perfect balance between professional components and craftsmanship blended together with the high value to performance ratio normally associated with JP Musical Instruments.

Owing to their detailed specification and fine craftsmanship, the instruments have an appeal to all levels of player, and can be found in the classroom, on the ‘marching field’, in show pits and under the spotlight.

Ben Somers JP Cadence

Our Collaborators

​Our JP Collaborations range currently comprises trumpets, cornets, flugel horn, trombones, euphoniums, tubas….. For more information about these design partnerships please read on.

Smith Watkins Collaboration
Michael Rath Collaboration
Sterling Musical Instruments Collaboration
Taylor Collaboration