The JP by Taylor Collaboration

Armed with little more than a few GCSE’s and a keen interest in art, music and making things, Andy began his career as an apprentice brass musical instrument maker with the French horn manufacturers Paxman’s, in London.

A creative innovator that no-one could possibly replicate

A fresh collaboration

Andy Taylor is without doubt one of the most exciting international custom trumpet designers. His trumpets are highly prized and sought after by musicians from around the world craving their unparalleled brightness of sound and 'tank-like' construction.

With a desire to improve our range into the jazz scene we were delighted to forge a new partnership that will deliver a jazz inspired trumpet with all the creative hallmarks of Andy Taylor, while maintaining our unwaivering commitment to affordability and value.

What do people say?

"A versatile and professional trumpet in the price range that a lot of other compaies have their intermediates at. You'll be pleasantly surprised at just how good this is for the money."

Mark Harrison, freelance trumpet player