The JP Sterling Collaboration

Paul Riggett originally founded Sterling Musical Instruments in 1987 having previously worked as production manager for Boosey & Hawkes.

The perfect package

A booming relationship that many want to keep secret

The JP Sterling range has steadily increased and will almost certainly grow more as the collaboration continues to flourish. You can now get JP Sterling Tenor Horns, Baritone Horns, Euphoniums and Tubas. All made with an exacting attention to detail, superb performance potential and highly affordable.

Many of the finest Brass Bands around the world have made the decision to change their set-ups to include our instruments. JP Sterling instruments are prized by their owners and regularly endorsed by professionals and amateurs alike.

What do people say?

"A beautiful instrument to play, and certainly the most economical professional level instrument on the market."

Steve Miles, National Brass Band of New Zealand