About Plum Grove Music

Plum Grove Music is a retailer and education establishment at the heart of its community in Lowell, Indiana.

The company was founded by Rick Thacker - a passionate violinist and teacher, who recognised a need for a specialist retailer in his town. Rick was inspired to provide the city experience in his shop and also driven with a goal to share the joy of music.

His shop features a large showroom for musical products, a repair shop and a stage for monthly student concerts featuring the 100+ students who study at Plum Grove.

Rick has become a recognised voice for music retail; named as one of the Top 100 Music Dealers worldwide by NAMM - an honour which ranks Plum Grove in the top 1% of music dealers in the world.

What's it like being a JP Dealer?

What do we say?

"Rick Thacker the owner is one of the few people in the music industry that I can see eye to eye with. As we are both around 6ft 6” tall.  Rick has an amazing business full energy whilst also being very educationally minded. He is without question one of the nicest people I know and also without question from one of the nicest families I know. Plum Grove's company Motto is creating Joy through music. This is something that they achieve each and every day and we are proud do go on this journey with them."

Rob Hanson

JPMI Director