About Nick Rail Music

Nick Rail Music was established in 1986 in Santa Barbara, California. The owner and founder was Nick Rail, a band technician, who wanted to better serve the local school communities than what the current music stores had to offer. Over the next three decades, his single location expanded into six retail locations throughout Southern California. Each location is equipped with lesson studios, a full band repair shop, and a designated Educational Sales Representative whose primary task is to service local school programs.

What's it like being a JP Dealer?

What do we say?

"We first started working with Nick Rail music under its then director of sales Gary Francisco along with the owner Nick Rail. Our partnership with the company has grown from strength to strength over the many years since and we are looking forward to building that relationship further with the new owner Laura Penrose. Laura has a huge amount of drive and energy and the future looks very bright for this stalwart Californian chain of stores."

Rob Hanson

JPMI Director