Nigel Seaton, principal tuba for Woolston Brass Band review the JP377 Sterling EEb Tuba

Nigel has had many successes as a soloist, including two Junior and 12 Open Eb Bass National Titles. He has also won National Duet and Quartet titles and has been a member of eight championship winning bands. Nigel has been a member of many of New Zealand's top bands including Woolston, Dalewool, St Kilda, Addington and Timaru. He has been a member of five National Bands, four as Principal Eb Bass.

Woolston Brass Band's principal EEb bass player Nigel Seaton is now the proud owner of a JP377 Sterling EEb tuba. (by arrangement with JP Musical Instruments and Musicways Ltd.)

Nigel, who also plays professionally in the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra says, “The quality finish and setup of the new JP377 Sterling EEb tuba is second to none. The sound is big and round and intonation is easily controlled at all dynamics and in all registers. The valves are great - well machined, and with a quick action. The Tuba blends nicely in both the lighter and heavier orchestral repertoire. When playing with the Woolston team, the Sterling EEb Tuba blends smoothly and easily produces the solid platform required by the band”.