In the Spotlight: Tim's Music

From its early days as a repair bench in 1977, Tim’s Music has grown into the premier band and orchestra instrument store in Sacramento, California.

In 2005, Scott Mandeville bought the business from his friend Tim Lawrence and the company entered a new era, eventually outgrowing its space and moving into its current location on Fair Oaks Blvd in 2017.

Find out more as Scott Mandeville, owner of Tim’s Music, goes In the Spotlight…



Tell me about Tim’s Music.

SM: Tim's music started on the repair bench, and I've continued that tradition for the last 18 years that I've owned the business.

We have a large repair shop, 14 studios, a performance hall, and a large retail display.


Tell me a little bit about the company's relationship with John Packer.

SM: John Parker instruments are really nicely manufactured, well thought-out and the engineering is very nice. And from a repair standpoint, that those are the things that I look at - the quality of the instrument.

We also figure it out from the business side. How sustainable are they? The repairability, parts, availability; all of that plays into our decisions. Rob Hanson does a beautiful job supplying us and being flexible enough to manage who and what we want we sell.


Which John Packer instruments are particularly popular for you?

SM: We really like the British-style baritone. It’s wonderful and we like that an awful lot.

We’ve sold a number of the tubas. We really do like the tubas – great price point, and the cases are stable and sturdy. That’s very important to us thinking about the education world. Now, with the addition of Rath Trombones, I’m really enjoying what that will do for us.