In the Spotlight: O'Malley Musical Instruments

John Packer Musical Instruments are sold all over the world. Travel to the city of Douglas, in Georgia, USA, and you’ll find them on the shelves of O’Malley Musical Instruments, a family-owned business with a proud reputation for delivering stellar service to customers in-person and online.

We decided to find out a little more about the company by chatting to owner, Danny Maley…


Tell me how the business has grown and evolved to where it is today.

DM: O’Malley Musical Instruments has grown considerably over the past few years. In 2014, we had a one-man show but today, we have a team in the store, and four road reps out visiting schools.

Customers can drop in to see us on site at 903 Madison Ave S. Douglas, Ga 31533 or they can head to our website to find out more.


What does the make-up of your business look like?

DM: A lot of what we do is online. People are so used to browsing and shopping for things on the website. They will happily buy a $5,000 instrument unseen and unplayed, and that’s absolutely fine.

That said, customers are always welcome to come into the store and we know there are people who still want to see, touch and feel the instruments. They can take their time trying things to find the right instrument for them, supported by our trained team of experts, who are all musicians themselves.

We concentrate a lot of our business on the student, school market but we serve everyone, from professionals to enthusiastic amateur players.


Tell me about your relationship with John Packer Musical Instruments.

DM: We added JP Musical Instruments into the mix around four years ago. I was really attracted by the story of John Packer and its history so contacted Rob Hanson [director]. We began with a couple of orders and it has grown from there. We’re really pleased with how things are going.


What attracts you to JP instruments?

DM: The fit and finish of the instruments is equal to any brand name – and they come with quality, durable cases too. That’s important when they’re being used in school, for example, so we really like that.

Business is taken care of quickly and efficiently, which is how it should be.


What sort of feedback so you get from customers when they purchase JP instruments?

DM: The feedback is great – customers love the value for money that they get with John Packer instruments.

We cater for a lot of school band programmes and the marching instruments are very popular. They are equal to anything that people might pay a lot more for.

 O'Malley Musical Instruments' team

Why should people choose O’Malley Musical Instruments when it comes to their next big purchase?

DM: We have the choice. We have the in-store team and our road reps are all retired band directors. We can offer the expertise and guidance to help people when it comes to that all-important decision of choosing the musical instrument that is right for them.

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