In the Spotlight: Nick Rail Music

Nick Rail Music was established in Santa Barbara, California, in 1986. The company provides band and orchestral instruments to both students and professional musicians. It also specialises in instrument repair and maintenance, with its technicians having over 100 years of combined experience.

President and owner of Nick Rail Music, Laura Penrose, discusses the company’s relationship with John Packer Musical Instruments.


Tell me about Nick Rail Music.

LP: We have six locations, around Southern California.

 We specialise in school music, so we do rentals, repair, lessons; everything for that beginner student through to the intermediate student.


How do you enjoy working with John Packer Musical Instruments?

LP: John Parker is great. We love working with the company. The product is solid. It’s a great alternative for schools that maybe need more instruments than they have the budget for. It's an instrument that's easy to repair.

 Our repair technicians really like working with it, so if there are accidents that have happened in school, we can fix it. We can always get parts and things, which is great. We really enjoy working with Packer, both as a company and a product.


Are there any instruments across the JP line which really stand out?

LP: We love the low brass. We sell it every day and twice a week on Sunday. It is incredible. We love the low brass; it’s very successful.