A New Range of John Packer Wooden Clarinets

It is with great pride that John Packer can now present a new compliment of wooden clarinets. 


We're always working to improve and extend our range of instruments, and 2020 will be no different, with three new wooden clarinets to our range of woodwind. Our Bb & Eb clarinets have had extensive revisions, and now have a matching A model, with the same high specification. 


What's new?

  • Wooden tenon rings
  • Metal capped tenons 
  • Reinforced shaped barrel
  • Quality engraving
  • Ringless heavyweight bell
  • Polycylindrical bore
  • New professional case

The clarinets will still feature adjustable thumb rests, heavily silver-plated keywork, and come with an easy blow mouthpiece, and essential accessory package.


The poly-cylindrical bore is an attribute more often seen in top end clarinets. The poly-cylindrical bore (where it flares in stages), gives the clarinet a warmer/rounder sound as opposed to a focussed sound that you'd get with a standard cylindrical bore, found on student models. The clarinet has increased resonance and depth of sound thanks to the chunky bell and the distinctive shaped barrel.

Because wooden clarinets present a cracking risk, the John Packer models have inlaid metal tenons on all the joints, including the barrel, where it runs the entire length.


 JP wooden clarinets

The new clarinets will be in Bb, A and Eb. All will be on display at our stand at NAMM 2020.





These wooden clarinets will join our existing harmony range of  Eb, C and bass clarinets; all of which are already widely used by teachers and schools worldwide.


Want to find out more? Visit us at our stand #9333 at NAMM.


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